Through years of conducting hot shaves at his own Barbershop, Mark Lombardi (founder of Lombardi’s Shaving Company), was always having issues with products that had many additives and alcohol in it. He wanted to provide his clients a less harsh, higher quality product without any damaging ingredients. That’s when the idea of an “all natural” product was established, and that was the route he wanted to go. Lombardi’s Shaving Soap has been tried and tested in his own barbershop and is now released to the public to enjoy and appreciate. The shaving soap and aftershave are the perfect combination to make you feel rejuvenated throughout the morning, day and evening. Thank you for enjoying Lombardi’s Shaving Co. products.


Made Using

We use natural, high quality ingredients to develop our soaps and shaving creams. Our products aren’t filled with chemicals or fillers that will destroy your skin or hair.


We Think

We are proud that our products are served in reusable packaging. We also strive to to use reduced materials in our packaging to simplify the processing behind it. All of our packaging is also recyclable.

Lombardi’s Shaving Co. is proudly Canadian. All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Windsor, Ontario.